Where to Go for Professional Microphone Repair in London

There are several reasons why your computer microphone has stopped working and how to repair these problems, which are discussed here so as to help you in cases you need a Microphone Repair London. These fixes are available whether microphone used to work properly with your computer if you have bought a new one and it just does not work, and if you are using a laptop or a desktop.

Make Sure Your Computer Is Able to Detect Your Microphone

Before opting for microphone repair in London, you need to check first if you do have a built-in microphone, or if using an external mic, that it can be detected by your computer.
Click Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > Voice tab > Test Hardware; or for Windows 7, you can click Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Recording, and see your available devices.
Also, check the communications tab in the same pop-up window to make sure that mute is not activated.

Check Your Sound Driver

Before going for microphone repair in London, make sure that you have the right sound driver; some operating systems do not work with your current sound driver. Not working microphones is a common problem after switching or upgrading your computer OS. Drivers make your devices work with your pc, and with the wrong or incompatible one installed, your microphone, or any device used with your computer for that matter, will be useless. In such cases, you will have to search for the driver for the version of the Windows or another operating system, download and install it, including BIOS updates.
Some computer viruses may also cause problems in your microphone. After fixing your laptop or personal computer by Microphone Repair London, do a sound test, and it should work. Otherwise, reinstall your sound device driver, or look for a new one. Once more, note the importance of installing the proper sound driver. There are a lot of drivers which can be downloaded online for free, check on the latest version to see which fits your device best. Many websites provide an updated list of drivers monthly. There are good driver databases online which you can also check.

Damaged Wires

Another problem would be damaged microphone wires on laptops. With this one, you have no other way to check but plug in an external microphone. If the new one works, the problem is definitely with your hardware. Microphone wires or any laptop wires could be frayed due to frequent and careless opening and closing of the lid. You will have to consult Microphone Repair London then.

There are several types of computer microphones available in the market; from USB and Analog headsets to freestanding models. Always remember that you have to observe proper maintenance of your devices and remember to update your sound driver along with your other software to ensure that the microphone functions properly.
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