Microphone Repair Service | London
We can repair almost every brand of Microphones and do cable replacement for michorphones.
Some of the brandssuch as AEA, AKG, Audio Technica, Audix, Avantone, Bartlett, Blue, Beyerdynamic, Brauner, Cascade, Coles, Electrovoice, EV, Heil, Sennheiser, Josephson, M Audio, Manley, Neumann, Rode, Royer, Shure, Soundfield, Telefunken, capsules, tubes and many more.

We have developed our expertise and kept abreast of the ever-changing business for over many years.

Whatever the issue are, our skilled engineers can resolve them.

Give us a ring on 0207 5801785 to outline the problem and we can instantly give you a rough cost estimate and the viability of repair.
We can advise you on the time it will take to get your microphone repaired.
Sometimes parts may need to be imported. If you need a speedy repair we can organise an express service.

You can also post/courier us the microphone that needs to be repaired to AV Repair @ Baseo 49 Totternham Court Road, London W1T2EG and we will get it fixed and courier it back to your address or you can come pick it up from our location in Central London.

If you can get into central London pop into our Workshop. The nearest tubes are Goodge Street and we can advise you about parking or drop off. Saturdays are best as we are in the congestion zone . You can either pick up when ready, or we will post the repaired microphone back to you.