How to Go About Microphone Repair in London

If you are looking for microphone repair services in London then you are in the right place because here in this article, I’m going to clear all of your doubts related to Microphone repair services in London.

If you are having a problem while you are on your phone or you are finding a weird sound coming out from your device which is annoying,this means that your microphone is damaged. It has certain types of issues and requires repair immediately to make it functional for taking phone calls or listening to music. The basic problems faced are:

  • The microphone has issues due to water damage
  • Dust Build upon the microphone
  • Small accumulated debris can damage your microphone

We are having our team of qualified technicians and they will help you and make your microphone repair process easy and fast.
Once our team fixes the issue in your microphone, we will make it perfect again for use such as :

  • Making phone call
  • Listening audio
  • Record video etc.

Most of the times, this lovely equipment such as microphone gets damaged due to water, it can be in any form like you dropping your phone where there is water or steam gets into your microphone.

Also, your microphone gets damaged due to sweat, tear or even small dust particles. Some mobile have one microphone and some have two microphones (iPhone 7) so if they get damaged so it will affect your phone calls.

Faster Service

Our service usually takes up to 30 minutes, so at that period you will also take your Mobile phone and do the process of replacement of the microphone with the new one. Now after repairing your microphone you will also do a quality test to ensure that everything is working perfectly and also provide you a warranty.
Our company Pro Av Repair Specialist repair every type of microphone and you also do cable replacement for microphone and with a warranty, so feel free to contact us any time or you can directly call us on our number 02075801785.

Fixing All Kinds of Microphones

Pro Av Repair Specialist takes every type of microphones like a wired microphone, wireless microphone, newly manufactured microphones or vintage microphones from all the major brands such as:
AEA, Apogee, AKG, Aston, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Coles, Earthworks, Gefell, Manley, Neumann, SE Electronics, Sontronics, Soundelux, Shure, Heil Sound, MXL, Telefunken, Rode, Royer, Schoeps, Flea, Behringer, Electro-voice, and many more.

Service Transparency

We do not have any hidden charges; all our work is transparent and genuine. There is no need to prove authorisation or do prior booking to send your equipment to us you send your equipment directly to us.
You can also send your item through insured courier service if you are not dropping the device at our location directly. Please check the address of our store mentioned on our website for that matter. We will send that to your address once we fix it.